Controls of the game:

Aim and shoot
Just use your mouse

Moving and jumping
Use W,A,S,D buttons for navigation (Jump is performed with W, Up arrow key and Space bar)

When it comes to flash games I always prefer to play shooting and fighting games, I find them simple, I find them entertaining and the most important I find them helpful in stress releasing.

Today I want to talk about Strike Force Heroes 2, I love this game and I am pretty much addicted to it, you will enjoy it as well once you will get into it.

The game has a lot of different features and other complicated and interesting stuff. For example, you can play the campaign and follow storyline and complete different missions, you can try challenges, you can create a custom game and play it, you can also visit soldiers tab and check your weaponry there, you can buy new weapons, gadgets, equipment, other items, etc. There are so many things which you can do and this feature is exactly why I love this game so much, it hardly ever gets boring and always has something new to offer.

Hey there, so what is this blog all about? Well first of all this blog allows you to play the hacked version of Strike Force Heroes 2 for free. Game is really entertaining and enjoyable, it has various weapons in it, it has tons of different tough quests and challenging missions, we will talk more about it below.

We will also talk about controls of the game, we will discuss how many weapons are there in the game, what kind of classes are available, different types of equipment, etc. Our goal is to tell you about important aspects of the game, how to play it, how to win it and how to enjoy it fully.

Keep in mind that are other pages as well apart from this, we have various articles, video guides, different content, etc. Check our blog menu above to learn more. With that being said I will now present you a full article of this amazing online game, make sure that you don’t miss anything and read every line carefully.

How to play:
As I have said before there are different modes in this game, each mode has its own unique objective, its own unique tactics and its own unique way of playing.

For example, in case of a campaign you have to finish various missions, you have to fix stuff or kill some evil bosses and do other cool interesting things. The very first mission in the campaign requires from you to fix the station, you have to reach a damaged part of the station, you have to kill enemies along the way and grab some ammo if you will have such opportunity.

The main mission is quite simple actually, in all possible scenarios and in all possible missions you will have to fight enemies, you will have to kill all of them and complete additional quests in order to advance onto another level.

Level after level you will have an opportunity to upgrade your main character, you will have the option to grab different resources and use them according to your needs.

There are so many different weapons in this game, some of them are machine guns that shoot standard bullets and some of them are laser guns that shoot out laser beams and annihilate your enemies instantly.

In the game you can buy other gadgets and equipment as well, you can improve your firepower with the help of different upgrades as well, you will need it when you will face stronger opponents.

All this can be done via Soldiers tab in the game window, you can find new character skills in it as well. Check this tab guys, you will find a lot of interesting options in it.

Similar games:
Of course, there are various other similar online games out there, some of them are pretty good and enjoyable for playing while others are kind of dull and boring. I will focus your attention on good ones only at this time guys, so let’s list some of them here, shall we?

SSF 2 is a decent choice, it is not really shooting game but more like a fighting game which involves different combo attacks, different spells, superpowers, etc.
Electricman is my favorite one, it has stickmen in it, amazing martial arts, some awesome slow-motion attacks, and pretty good opponents.
Commando 2 is similar to this flash game, it features various weapons, different equipment, explosives, and other military stuff. The game is pretty good and you should give it a try.
Plazma Burst 3 is something you will love as well, the game is all about alien invasions, about different plasma guns, laser beams and other cool futuristic stuff. There are quests as well.
Gunmayhem 2 is an online shooting game that allows you to challenge your friends and play against each other in the arena. There are tons of different guns and action-filled duels.

These are some top games from my list, if you have other cool fighting/shooting games to offers please use the comments section below.

The game has a huge list of upgrades, you can buy a new type of weapons, different explosives, and equipment. Apart from buying new weapons, you can upgrade existing ones as well, you can also get new skills for your character which can be essential for finishing levels.

In Soldiers tab you can edit your class as well, there are different classes in the game and each class has its own unique abilities and unique possibilities. Take a closer look at classes and choose a suitable one for you.

Your main character can have various different stats: for example health, the more you have the more damage you can take; your character can have critical strike chance, critical strike allows you to deal more damage than you usually do; your character can have good aim, you can improve this stat to make your fire more focused and precise and finally you can increase your ammo capacity.

Your character can have different skills as well, learn more about these skills in the game menu, find out what they do and how you should use them correctly.

Not really that much important but some people enjoy this feature. The game allows you to edit your characters, you can choose different uniforms for your main character, select different helmets and things like that.

As always we are doing our best to inform you about this game, we have chosen another way to do it and today we want to present you following video guide. Take a closer look at it, I’m sure you will find a lot of new and interesting ideas for you.

Game is really complicated, it has interesting missions in it, it has various game modes, some interesting upgrades, characters have unique skills, there are different classes, there is an opportunity to buy ammo, weapons, armor, equipment and many more.

In terms of functionality Strike Force Heroes 2 hacked is one of the best, you can play it for a while and you will hardly ever feel bored in it. Every single time game offers something new to explore, something new to learn and something new to improve.

Find it on your device:
Download this game on your device and enjoy it from the phone. The game is optimized pretty well for mobile platforms (download links are below).

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With that being said you can now enjoy your time playing one of the best fighting/shooting games out there – Strike Force Heroes 2.