We are back guys, we had small break to this COVID-19 outbreak and due to quarantine we had to change our plans, but anyway we are here and we are ready to share with you yet another awesome online game – Learn to Fly 2.

This is a classic adventure game with a storyline, with challenges, achievements, etc. A lot of different options and features are available in the game which actually makes it more interesting and entertaining. The game also offers various upgrades, gadgets, related stat improvement items, etc. When I first started playing it I soon became addicted to this online game and I found it pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

Above listed reasons motivated me to share this game with you, hope you will love it, I have also added a small guide below, read it to learn more about it.

When it comes to similar games like Happy Wheels first thing that comes to mind is Learn to Fly 2. I know there are some BIG differences, but still, if you enjoy such games you will find it very interesting as well.

In this game you can upgrade your penguin, you can get a rocket engine, you can get wings and other important stuff. With the help of these upgrades you will be able to complete your objective, which is – fly as far as you can & and fly as high as you can.

The storyline is funny as well, the main character reads on Wikipedia that penguins can’t fly, he gets upset and decides to prove everybody wrong, he starts building trampoline, different gadgets to improve his flying capacities and this is where you start playing. You have an objective to help penguin achieve his dream – FLYING.

The main aspect of this game is its upgrade system. There are so many different tools available and it is really interesting, exploring new options, buying those upgrades and achieving better results.

The Impossible Quiz – small review from cheese

The Impossible Game is a great time-waster quiz game that forces you to think outside the box to come up with solutions to the challenging questions. The player uses the mouse to select answers, spell out words, or drag images in order to complete the challenges given to him. The player only gets 3 chances to answer questions correctly, if he/she fails, they will return to the beginning of the game and be forced to start all over. Thankfully, the questions always follow the same order, so one merely has to remember the correct answers they had input into the game the other times they played. The Impossible Game requires patience. Often times, players are required to restart their games over and over again, so one needs to keep a level head at all times. A useful tip would be to write down the correct answers to questions as you write them, so you do not forget them for the next time you play!

That is all that you need to know about the Impossible Quiz, the game is fun, entertaining, and full of surprises and it is free as well on the official blog.