Check another game suggestion from the blog team – Cat Ninja, this entertaining adventure game where you have to collect all crystals and save the world from destruction. Game features interesting obstacles, challenging quests and awesome gameplay in general. We have asked our visitor to rate this game and they all gave a five-star rating, It looks like people love it so we have decided to share it with you and include a brief guide as well.

Enjoy it…

You know at some point this game kinda reminds me of Mario, it has story-line in it, it has attractive gameplay and awesome atmosphere of the game. In order to succeed in this game, you will have to overcome pretty tough obstacles, you will have to jump here and there, you will have to avoid spikes, use different buttons, turn off lasers, reverse gravity and other mind-blowing interesting stuff. It is true that game is hard, but it is also entertaining.

Cat Ninja Unblocked is trending game at the moment, the main reason why people love to play it is because of its challenge, you travel through the map, you overcome traps and you reach the finish line, sometimes you can pass the checkpoint and after your death, you will start from that specific place. Checkpoints are extremely useful, because you will make mistakes quite often and it would be a nightmare to start everything all over again for a single mistake.

Controls of the game are pretty simple, but to be honest it is kinda hard to play it with keyboard, if you have joystick at home I highly suggest you use it.

Well I guess that’s it, I just want to wish you good luck and I really hope that you will complete a magical crystal energy quest and reach the finish line.

Free Rider

Free Rider is a wonderful game and it can reduce the mental pressure the same way as the impossible quiz. You just keep the bike wheels on tracks. It has thousands of tracks and you can challenge with your friends also. It is the game that contains logic of science principles in it and is used for teachers to develop their ethics to handle classes clearly to the students. Free Rider has a list of controls to keep the vehicle to be controlled and has some other controls to organize the game in a smooth way.

First let us see a list of controls over a vehicle, Up arrow: It is obviously used to accelerate the vehicle.

Down arrow: It is used to slow down or brake the vehicle to stop.
Left arrow: It is used to lean towards the left side.
Right arrow: It is used to lead towards the right side.
Additionally, we have “Z” control, which can turn around the vehicle.
W, A, S, and D are used to Scroll up, left, down, and right respectively.
+ and – are used to Zoom in and out respectively.

Whenever you need to restart the game from the beginning just click Enter key. Shift key enables one to Quickly Draw a game and B is used to kill urself or suicide.