There you go guys, as promised, the final version of the game so far – Tank Trouble 4. You can play all other versions as well at my blog TroubleTank.Org.

This game offers you three different modes, you can try to play vs Laika (against the computer), I must say she is a tough opponent it will be really hard for you to defeat her. You can play in two-player mode against your friend and you can play three-player mode where three friends can play together against each other and enjoy the game, the one who stays alive in the end is victorious and all others are just losers 😀

Each player has his own sets of keys to control the game, you can check all controls in the game, different modes have different controls so keep that in mind.

In-game there are power-ups that pop up across the maze in different locations; these power-ups are really decent improvement for your tank so make sure that when you see one grab it as soon as it is possible.

Another pro tip from me is that you can shoot at walls under a specific angle and your bullets will ricochet from the wall and fly further, this option allows you to kill your opponents without directly encountering them. Calculate your shooting angle well and you will become master of ricochet in Tank Trouble 4.

This is a pretty simple yet extremely entertaining game, especially when it comes to playing with your friends. Levels are pretty attractive as well, with all the mazes, corners, and different power-ups.

Pretty much that is all that I wanted to tell you, enjoy your time with us and check other versions of the game as well, there are four of them in total and I hope you enjoyed my blog, cheers.

Return Man 3 Unblocked

Awesome news for all gamers out there who are also fans of American Football – a new version of the game is here – Return Man 3 Unblocked and it has tons of new updates.

First of all better graphics and smooth movement in the game, second, they have added new maps and new power-ups which appear on the map in random locations, third new teammates which you can be unlocked by playing the game and collecting scores and… well, there are a lot of new stuff here, it will take tons of time to describe all details, I suggest you to play the game yourself and checking everything yourself.

Currently, this is the latest version of the game, but there are new releases similar to this. We are still waiting to see some news regarding possible releases of the fourth version of the game, meanwhile, all we can do is to wait.

Controls of the game are easy and simple to handle, check them in the main menu of the game if you have some questions. Oh and in order to see new features take a look at ‘How to play tab’ it has all the necessary tips and hints in it.